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Transformer Technology Instrument Transformers (up to 36kV)

Electro Pejvak Arian Industrial Group

Electro Pejvak Arian is the leading manufacturer of electrical power devices including measurement voltage and current low voltage and medium voltage (up to 36 kV) transformers, power transformers, inductors and a wide range of bushing and insulators in Iran. The company's products are manufactured according to the international standards of IEC and is approved by Tavanir, SPEC company, National Southern Oil and Gas Companies, Mapna Group, Tehran Local Electricity Company and other major power distribution companies over the country.

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Low Voltage Instrument Transformer

.Manufacturer of  measuring  voltage  and current transformers  up to 720 volts

Medium Voltage Instrument Transformer

Manufacturer of  measuring voltage and current transformers  up to 36 KV

Insulator and bushing

.Manufacturer of insulators and bushings up to 24 KV